Saginaw Housing Commission

Family Self Sufficiency


Q. What is the Family Self-Sufficiency Program?

A. The Family Self-Sufficiency ( FSS) Program is a component of the Saginaw Housing Commission (SHC). The program helps residents of the SHC who are seeking to improve their future through independence from government assistance. Utilizing the support of community resources, participants will complete the program with knowledge and skills that enable them to achieve their long-term reward of economic independence.

Q. What Do We Do For You?

A. Families voluntarily enter the program and sign a Contract of Participation, which outlines their goals and objectives. Families have the support of an FSS Coordinator to assist them in overcoming barriers that might hinder self-sufficiency such as:

1. Unemployment/Underemployment

2. Lack of healthcare

3. No transportation

4. Family problems

5. Inadequate childcare

6. Insufficient educational opportunities

The FSS Coordinator will work with the family to develop an Individual Training and Service Plan (ITSP) which outlines the specific steps the family needs to take to accomplish their stated goals and receive the money saved in their escrow account during the contract period.

Q. What Do You Do For Yourself?

A. 1. The head of the household must seek and
maintain unsubsidized employment, after appropriate training
2. The head of household must complete all activities outlined on their ITSP
3. All family members must be independent of
welfare assistance for the final twelve (12) months of the contract.

Q. Who Can Participate in the FSS Program?

A. Families who desire to improve their quality of life and are either:
• Residents in the Saginaw Housing Commission's Public Housing or
• Who are participants in the Saginaw Housing Commission's Section 8 Housing Choice
Voucher Program

Q. What Are The Benefits of Participating?

A. By participating in the program you may receive assistance with:
• Employment
• Educational advancement
• Job Training
• Childcare Assistance
• Credit Counseling
• Case Management Services
• Personal Counseling
• Transportation Assistance
• Courses that assist with and lead
to Homeownership
• Courses that improve Financial
Management skills
• Escrow accounts that accrue interest
(saving accounts that you can access to
assist you in accomplishing your goals)
• Individual Development Account Asset Acquisition (IDA) (a matching savings program
to support advanced education, homeownership or transportation)