Saginaw Housing Commission



A HCV landlord is responsible for providing decent, safe and sanitary housing at a reasonable rent.

When contacted by a prospective HCV applicant/participant, the landlord should carry out the following tasks:

  • The landlord should screen each applicant as he/she would in the private rental market including rental and credit history, criminal history, etc. to determine the suitability of the applicant as a tenant.
  • The landlord must accurately complete a Request for Tenancy Approval (provided by the applicant/participant). This packet must be signed by both the landlord and the tenant and submitted to the Housing Choice Voucher Program either in person, or via email, fax, or mail.
  • The SHC inspector will contact the landlord and schedule an inspection within 15 days of receiving the request from the Housing Specialist. In order to qualify for the Housing Choice Program, the unit must pass inspection and be maintained according to federally established Housing Quality Standards as long as the tenant receives Housing Choice subsidy payments. If the unit does not pass inspection, the landlord will be notified in writing and given 30 days to complete the necessary repairs to bring it into compliance.
  • A Lease Agreement (approved by SHC), a Lease Addendum, and Housing Assistance Payment Contract (using HUD language), must be entered into for an initial term of one year.
  • Following approval of the unit and the rent determination, the landlord may collect a security deposit from the tenant not exceeding State/Local laws.

Subsidy payments are made directly to the landlord on a monthly basis.

Annual inspections will be scheduled 120 days prior to the unit's contract anniversary date. If the unit does not pass inspection, the landlord again will have 30 days to make necessary repairs. A written repair notice will be sent to the landlord. If those repairs are not made within 30 days, and the landlord was responsible for the repairs, the landlord will receive written notice of termination from the SHC program.